Reduce Fleet Emission

Help Keep Our Planet Green

Aside from buying more fuel efficient vehicles, Alden Fleet Solutions helps you to reduce fleet emissions in a three-pronged approach:

  • Reduce the miles traveled for some or all of your vehicles
  • Increase the miles per gallon by taking more efficient routes
  • Remotely monitor your emissions to make necessary vehicle adjustments

Monitoring and improving drivers’ habits such as speed and idle time, reducing miles driven by dispatching the closest vehicle, and decreasing personal use of company vehicles by monitoring off-hours or out-of-bounds usage can significantly help you decrease fleet fuel use and save money.

Using Alden Fleet Solutions, the following companies reduced fleet emissions:

  • The City of Napa saw a yearly reduction of more than 44,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions! Napa also saved $3,500 in annual smog checks for its fleet. Read the full case study here.
  • Hoffman Southwest reduced fleet emissions by 8,000 pounds in one year! Read the full case study here.

Reduce Emissions with our Fleet Management System

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