Increase the Revenue of Your Fleet

Get Better Productivity and Efficiency with Alden Fleet Solutions

Networkfleet’s fleet management tools and reporting help you increase productivity and efficiency of your employees and fleet, which leads to increased revenue for your company. For example, the following companies achieved fantastic results after they began using Alden Fleet Solutions:

  • ServiceMaster increased sales revenue during the first year by $156,000.
  • Coast Plumbing, Heating, and Air increased revenue by 15% due to faster response times and efficient routing and they increased jobs per day in the first month alone.
  • Roto-Rooter increased revenue by $900,000 through saved labor, reduced vehicle emissions and fuel, and increased service calls.

Optimize Your Fleet and Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue generating capabilities with Alden Fleet Solutions! Find out how by getting a free copy of our eBook “Optimizing Fleet Maintenance with Wireless Vehicle Management” available for download immediately.