Decrease Fleet Fuel Use

Save on Rising Fuel Costs with Alden Fleet Solutions

Fuel is a significant expense for large and small fleets. Alden Fleet Solutions will help identify specific ways to decrease fleet fuel use by leveraging our robust suite of reports. The following customers yielded impressive fuel savings with Alden Fleet Solutions:

  • Through better dispatching, Eastern Municipal Water District can dispatch the vehicle closest to a work site which lowered the average number of miles driven per vehicle, resulting in a $79,000 reduction in fuel costs within the first 6 months of using Alden Fleet Solutions.
  • By eliminating unauthorized vehicle usage and unnecessary idling time, BLS Trucking saved $188,539 in fleet fuel use the first year. This was nearly a 10% savings over the previous year.
  • ServiceMaster increased miles per gallon (MPG) from 10 to 12 MPG, a fuel savings of $5,200 per year (assuming average cost of fuel is $2 per gallon).
  • Affiliated Transportation decreased fuel use 8% by reducing idle time during stopovers.

Monitoring and improving drivers’ habits such as speed and idle time, reducing miles driven by dispatching the closest vehicle, and decreasing personal use of company vehicles by monitoring off-hours or out-of-bounds usage can significantly help you decrease fleet fuel use and save money.

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