Delivery Industry Fleet Management

Helping You Guarantee Exceptional Delivery Service

Whether your company delivers durable goods, non-durable or perishable goods, or retail supplies, Networkfleet® helps you ensure timely and economical transport of these commercial and retail goods to your customers.

  • Manage Drivers:  Your drivers are hauling precious cargo that needs to arrive on time. With Networkfleet, you can verify vehicle location and distance traveled, monitor for speeding, and also determine any vehicle misuse. Plus, Begin/End of Day reports allow for more accuracy in monitoring driver productivity and confirming overtime costs.
  • Improve Routing:  You need accurate data to base routing decisions. Fleet maps with user-defined landmarks help you locate the nearest delivery vehicles to specified locations for optimal fleet management.
  • Reduce Downtime:  Get preventive maintenance alerts based on vehicle’s actual mileage and be notified of recalls to improve productivity and safety.
  • Verify Service:  Guarantee your response time with on-demand fleet delivery records; you can verify data on stops, deliveries, and routes.

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