Networkfleet's Suite of Fleet Management Products

GPS Fleet Tracking and Management for Diverse Industries

Networkfleet gives fleet managers secure, easy-to-use web access to near real-time information on virtually any aspect of their fleet operations like GPS fleet maps, dashboards, reports, and alerts. Networkfleet also offers a reliable, battery-powered tracking device for fixed and movable fleet assets such as trailers or generators, which are also tracked along with vehicles in Networkfleet’s online system.

Recommended Fleet Management Products

Networkfleet 5000 Series Product Line: GPS Fleet Tracking & Diagnostics
Compatible with light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, the 5000 Series product line features two hardware devices. The 5200 is GPS only, while the 5500 connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic port to continually monitor engine diagnostics. Both include a fast processor, built in accelerometer, and multi-port options.

The Networkfleet 5000 Series offers these features and benefits:

  • Internal Antenna: Both the GPS and cellular antennas are contained internally in the device.
  • Serial Port Functionality: The serial port allows for integration with compatible Garmin devices using a Garmin FMI cable and also integrates with laptops and other devices by providing a constant NMEA data feed.
  • Sensor Detection: Includes sensor ports for monitoring various voltage events occurring within the vehicle, such as Power Take Off (PTO) engagement/disengagement, secondary engine on/off, and door open/close.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Patented remote vehicle diagnostics capabilities on the 5500 enable monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency and more.
  • Easy Installation: Plug & play design provides for easy, quick installation without splicing wires.
  • FREE Roadside Assistance: the 5000 series also includes Networkfleet’s industry-exclusive Roadside Assistance package at no additional cost!

 Networkfleet AT-1400 Asset Tracker
The easy to install AT-1400 uses GPS technology to report location and movement for field assets like trailers, generators, heavy duty equipment or any valuable property. The battery life of the AT-1400 lasts up to three years, depending on the message configuration which can be customized. The unit includes a 3 year warranty and features hardened, sealed enclosures to maintain maximum functionality in extreme weather conditions. Fleet managers using Networkfleet’s online application can view assets equipped with the AT-1400 on maps alongside vehicles in their fleet. Reports and alerts can be used to determine exact GPS location, if and when an asset has been moved, assets closest to a particular location or landmark, geofence violations and more!

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