Fleet Fuel Economy Management

Identify Vehicles that Need Mileage Performance Improvement

It’s likely that a high percentage of your fleet’s total operating costs go toward fuel expenditure. Monitoring fleet fuel economy with Networkfleet® helps you identify vehicles that need maintenance or drivers that need training.

  • Review the current fuel economy of specific fleet vehicles via the miles per gallon (MPG) report.
  • Monitor graphs and charts that show MPG over time.
  • Compare different vehicles’ MPG records to spot vehicles exceeding base thresholds.
  • Reconcile gallons consumed with fuel card expenditure to monitor for abuse.
  • View which vehicles are idling excessively and establish policies to reduce idle time which will significantly reduce fuel costs.
  • Identify vehicles that are speeding and educate drivers about smart driving habits; which significantly improve MPG and fuel economy.

Reduce Fuel Use Today

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