Fleet Maps

Manage All Your Vehicles Online with Our Fleet Map System

Managing the location of your vehicles is easy with Networkfleet’s® online fleet maps. Our fleet maps provide insight that lets you reach your customers more quickly and provide better customer service.

  • A large, usable online fleet map shows vehicles’ locations and whether the ignition is on or off.
  • Satellite and hybrid maps give fleet managers the ability to observe vehicles in a real-world setting with 3-D earth imagery which provides an accurate and realistic depiction of a vehicle’s location and its geographical surroundings.
  • Unlimited landmarks help fleet managers be more effective and productive by:
    • Showing which driver on the fleet map is closest to a customer which allows for better routing and decreased fuel costs,
    • Helping managers predict shipment arrival times,
    • Helping identify any vehicle misuse.

Geofences show fleet managers when vehicles enter and exit a designated area. Alden Fleet Solutions offers both circular and polygonal geofences; and the latter allows for an even more precise geographic selection. They also show how many miles and how long the vehicle traveled. You can even run a historical exception report to see which vehicles have driven outside a geofence.

See Fleet Maps in Our 5 Minute Demo

Interested in in a custom demo relevant to your business? Contact us to schedule a Alden Fleet Solutions demo and see fleet maps, landmarks, and geofences in action!