Alden Fleet Solutions Client Testimonials

Customers Explain the Benefits of Networkfleet in their Own Words

Year after year, Networkfleet customers decrease fleet costs, increase revenue, and improve efficiency and productivity with Networkfleet. Here are a few testimonials on how different industries have achieved ROI with Networkfleet:

Construction & Design

“Being able to verify timesheets using Networkfleet has saved us one hour per day per driver. At an average wage of $18 per hour, that equates to $270 per day for 15 drivers –a potential payroll savings of more than $70,000 per year.”
    — David Cox, Service Manager, Lewis Aquatech

Local Government

“Many organizations have this misplaced idea that a GPS system is only useful in situations where employees are suspected of misusing vehicles. Or they think that shaving a few miles off the total number of miles driven in one day is inconsequential. They don’t realize how incremental savings add up to a significant amount of money, or that most employees actually benefit from such devices.”
    — Mark Iverson, Director of Maintenance, Eastern Municipal Water District

“What separates Networkfleet from other AVL providers is their ability to link directly into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics. That’s what makes this system right for us.”
    — Chris Burgeson, Fleet Manager, City of Napa


“Because Networkfleet connects directly to the engine’s diagnostic unit, I receive live notification of trouble codes, so I can immediately jump on it before the problem worsens. Also, I can communicate more efficiently with my drivers when a code comes in and make sure they take the vehicle to their nearest repair shop. This saves money on repairs.”
    — Robert Grosz, San Diego Franchise Owner, SuperShuttle


“We used to wait anywhere from one hour to four hours for roadside assistance, compared to an average of 15 to 30 minutes using Networkfleet. Additionally, every time we use Networkfleet’s diagnostics codes, we save between $60 and $140, which is what a repair shop would charge for diagnostics.”
    — Danny Schepis, Vehicle Manager, Engineering, Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center

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