• GPS Fleet Tracking

    Locate any vehicle, anytime,
    anywhere - 24/7

    Satellite, hybrid, and street maps show vehicle location in real time
    Monitor vehicle location near a landmark or within a geofence
    Historical reporting shows vehicle locations and usage

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  • Fleet Management

    Reduce fuel use, maintenance costs,
    and vehicle emissions

    Reduce driver downtime and incrase productivity
    Recover lost or missing vehicles and ensure driver safety
    Pinpoint excessive idle times and help drivers stay within speed limits

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  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    Know the health of your vehicles with
    Alden Fleet Solutions remote diagnostics

    Get instant alerts for diagnostic trouble codes
    Reduce maintenance costs by setting preventive schedules
    Free Roadside Assistance further ensures driver safety

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  • Fleet Return On Investment

    Our customers often experience
    the following ROI in 6-9 months or less:

    5 - 20% reduction in vehicle downtime expenses
    10 - 20% reduction in fleet operating costs
    10 - 25% lower fuel costs

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Integrates Garmin navigation devices with our fleet website to help you better manage your vehicles!

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Mobile Website for Smartphones

Delivers up-to-date vehicle location and status, providing greater flexibility to manage fleets more efficiently.

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Easy to Use

Plug and Play: Manufactured in the U.S., powered by automotive-grade hardware, and easy to install.
Secure 24/7 online and mobile access to fleet information.
Scalable Reports:Schedule real-time alerts and reports daily, weekly, or monthly.
Roadside Assistance: Get free roadside help for every vehicle in your fleet.
Integration: Our data can be integrated with other software to help your business run even more efficiently.

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Our Clients

Our clients experience many positive results after implementing Alden Fleet Solutions, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Improved fleet MPG
  • Better vehicle utilization

Some of the many industries we service include:

GPS Tracking and Reporting

With Alden Fleet Solutions, get access to real-time GPS fleet tracking to see vehicle location in satellite, hybrid, and street map views; review historical reporting that shows vehicle locations and usage; and monitor vehicle location near a landmark or within a geofence.

Networkfleet's Fleet Management System Includes Free Roadside Assistance

Alden Fleet Solutions is the only GPS fleet management system provider that offers emergency roadside assistance to all vehicle classes, including light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, at no additional cost. With Networkfleet's complimentary roadside assistance program, fleet managers can be confident that all of their drivers can get help quickly in case of a vehicle breakdown.